4 signs you need a new website!

2020’s been one heck of a year – that we can all agree on. In fact, if 2020 was a packet of crisps, it would be this:

4 signs you need a new website!

But, alas, we’ve had to adapt and make changes to our lives which we would have never imagined a few months ago. One thing that hasn’t changed? The need for a great website!

This need wasn’t only exclusive to this year, however, especially after COVID hit, a properly optimised website has become a must. We often get asked: “How should I know when I need a new website?”

Here’s what to look out for:

1) Your website looks like it was (or actually was) created in the 90’s (i.e. taz-zmien id-dinosawri)

An outdated website is usually easy to spot:

  • Your website is flash-based: Flash is an outdated technology with regard to websites and is not available on iOS devices!
  • Your website isn’t HTTPS enabled: Meaning it will be marked as “not secure” and will reduce your SEO ranking (more in this in our next blog).
  • The copyright date is outdated
  • As the title of this point suggests, your website looks like it was created decades ago!

2) Your website isn’t Mobile Optimised

Mobile website traffic now makes up over 50% of web visits around the world. If your site isn’t already mobile optimised, now’s the time to get moving!

How do I know if my website is mobile optimised?

  • Do you ever find yourself zooming in to read text or view images?
  • Does your website fail to change shape when you resize your browser from a desktop computer?

If so, chances are your site isn’t meant for mobile devices.

3) You have enough time to make a cup of tea before your site loads

Unless your internet connection is slow, your site shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds to load.

In case it takes longer to load on a user’s phone or computer, this will cause a poor user experience and may even increase your bounce rate. Both of which are harmful to your SEO!

4) You can’t edit content yourself

“What do you mean I can’t edit content on my own website?!?”

Having to rely on a web developer to make edits each time you’d like to edit content isn’t ideal and is likely, unnecessarily costing you money.

Through a CMS (Content Management System), you’re able to be more independent and make these changes yourself. Did I mention Uwejja offers CMS’s for free with each new website created??

While there are plenty of other ways to identify a website in need of a facelift, the above covers a few of the most common cases.

And on that note, if you can totally relate to any of the above or are looking to get a brand new website, send us an email on hello@uwejja.com or leave us a message here: www.uwejja.com/contact-us/

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