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Traditional marketing

Still very much alive and well.

Traditional Marketing comes in many shapes and forms. Radio, magazines, flyers and  also billboards – you name it, Uwejja! can do it!

This form of marketing has been used for decades. Some might argue that it’s now better than ever!

It seems as though many marketing giants aren’t slowing down with their Traditional Marketing. But above all: the results can’t be disputed! 

So, here are a few examples of what we can do for you:


Radio ads: Looking to boost your sales through radio? We’ll suggest radio stations based on your industry and your goals. 

Here’s how the process works. Our team: 

  1. Creates a script
  2. Picks the best voice-overs, songs and jingles.
  3. Finds the best time-slots for your radio ad.
  4. Reports back to you once everything is set up.


Print ads: This includes any printed promotional material, ranging from magazines and brochures to flyers and billboards. Strategically placed ads will also be viewed by thousands of locals who may need your services.


And Finally – TV Ads: Pick your niche market – advertise there and then. Offering cooking services? Place it on a Food Network or culinary program. Selling running shoes? Show it during sports related programs. You get the jist. 


Looking for something traditional to promote your brand?

Perhaps something outside-the-box?


Get in contact  with us to find out how we can help you out.

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